No School Fun Days!

No School Fun Days are a chance to be creative and productive with friends on a day off from school. Let’s make something and have some big fun! These workshops are perfect for beginners or experienced students, so invite your classmates! Projects will vary based on the season, but it will always be a treasure.

Cost: $50, 1-4 pm

$15, Add on optional lunch hour from 12-1 Child brings lunch and beverage.

September 30 (no school Edgewood, Monona Grove): 1-4

October 24 (no school EAGLE, SMG, Edgewood): 1-4

October 25 (no school MMSD, Edgewood): 1-4

November 4 (no school Middleton): 1-4

November 15 (early release MMSD elementary): 1-4

December 9 (no school MMSD): 1-4

If you’d like a certain date added when YOUR school is out of session, please let me know. I am happy to add dates for you.

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